COVID-19 Antibodies – Vaccine & Immune Response


Did your vaccine work? Do you have some immunity to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)? Check the level of your immune system’s response to vaccination or past infection.

The home test uses a finger-prick blood sample you can take yourself in the comfort of your own home. Or you can choose to have you sample taken by a member of our team.

Whether you have been recently vaccinated or caught Covid-19 naturally, this IgG test will confirm whether your immune system has developed neutralising IgG antibodies and give you a quantitative measure of your body's response (between levels of 0 - 80,000 AU/ml).

It will help you to know how your immune system has responded to vaccination or an infection to confirm whether the illness you had was COVID-19 or something else. IgG levels often reduce quickly in the months after an infection and this test will enable you to monitor your IgG levels over time to see if your levels are dropping to below the levels that may be assumed to give immunity.

How does it work?

Test kit is posted to you

Your sample collection kit is posted to you via Royal Mail First Class

Take your test

Take your test using our simple instructions or ask a member of our team complete the test for you!

Return your sample

Return your sample to our state-of-the-art London laboratory using the enclosed return envelope!

Recieve your results

Once our laboratory receives your sample, it will undergo testing. Once tested, one of our doctors reviews your results and sends them by email!

Biomarker Profiles

This quantitative IgG test measures your levels of IgG antibodies against the spike receptor-binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2 whereas the previous test measured IgG against nucleoprotein. The spike protein is the main protein that is associated with the body mounting an immune response. It is also the protein which all the immunisations are mimicking to get the body's immune system to fight off the virus so this test will tell you how well your body has responded to the vaccine.

Frequently Asked Questions

*It is important to note that blood tests alone are not a substitute for seeking medical attention, particularly if you have any symptoms. You should not make a diagnosis or start any treatment without a consultation with a doctor or suitably trained healthcare professional.

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